Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Setbacks and progress

Wash's Xrays on Friday showed that the bones had not all healed enough for the apparatus to be removed.

Our Vet, Paul, toyed with the idea of removing one of the pins, but in the end decided to leave everything as it was.   While he was out, they did various blood tests on Wash, and we had an assortment of news.

The jaundice had gone.   The scores for the diabetes had gone right down, so we have now lowered his dose of insulin.   One of the metatarsals was healing really well.    We could try having the dressing changed once a week now, assuming that the dressing survived Wash's not-so-surreptitious gnawing.

Wash came home on Friday, and was very stressed.  We gave him some chicken, as suggested by the Vet.  Some time later he seemed much happier, and very hungry, so I gave him a little bit of the raw food diet. He devoured it.  We didn't bother with chicken after that.

He's very very bored.  We've tried taking him upstairs with us when one of us is up there.  I've taken him outside in my arms so he can sniff the air.  The excitement gets too much for him.   I briefly toyed with the idea of getting a cat harness, but I've been down that route once before (with another cat) and it didn't end well.... I was left with a harness and no cat.  I might be tempted to risk it when he's actually properly able to go outside again, but I don't fancy him escaping with a bandaged leg.


In other news, Musical Coops continues.   We've had Sasha, Sasha, Poppy, Poppy, Sasha and Fay,  (not checked),(not checked), Poppy and Gloria. 


It was my mother's birthday at the weekend. My brothers and I went to stay nearby so we could take our parents out to lunch, spend the day with them, spend the next day with them.  It was a lovely weekend,  the B&B was good,  lunch was good,  the fabric shop was, as always,  excellent.....

We'd bought her a practical present, and I wasn't really sure it would go down well. She'd asked my about pressure cookers some time ago, before I owned an Ipot, but hadn't got round to buying one.    Years ago, she was the pressure cooker queen.  These days I think she'd struggle to lift a pressure cooker,  even one like my (ex) Kuhn Rikon which had handles on both sides.  

I'd been using my InstantPot a lot and getting on with it really well.   Not just the pressure cooker, but I'd used the slow cooker functionality,  I'd made lots of yoghurt in it,  and I thought it might suit my parents.  We decided to buy one for her and see what she thought.

Both parents were really pleased with it.  I was really surprised, actually.  I mean, I thought it might be useful, but they were very keen.  They currently have a slow cooker, so this will replace that (with lots of extra benefis - being able to saute in the pot,  having a delayed timer functionality, having the keep warm facility) as well.   My mum also uses an electric steamer, so hopefully the Ipot will replace that too.

Bit of a result really!

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