Friday, 12 February 2016

Putting my foot in it

I had my first reflexology treatment today.

I'd been thinking about trying it for some time. A long time in fact.

I'd got as far as getting some local recommendations, but found it difficult to choose. I guess I was also hesitant -  I'm not a people person, and for some reason I can't just jump in and try someone.

Anyway, I picked a lady who's only just set up in our village, and she was getting lots of recommendations.  DH was away, so it was a good time to organise something like this.

It was......really good.  A little different to what I was expecting, I think I was expecting more of a foot massage. She brought her own chair, a Lafuma recliner, which was so amazingly comfortable.

As I lay there, eyes closed,  I was going to ask whether there was any science behind it, or was it more like phrenology.  I didn't ask the question,  it was only a passing thought.  I  was having the treatment mainly to relax rather than to try and treat anything in particular.

I mentioned each time I found the area she was treating to be sensitive. The first time, it was related to my adrenal gland.   A little later she found a reallysensitive point. I commented on it and asked her what it was to do with "Sacral Iliac joint".  I was really, really surprised, as that is one of the two areas where I really suffer.   Much later, on the other foot, another really sensitive bit.  Again the sacral iliac joint!

At the end of the treatment, I didn't want to get out of that chair (and I'm going to buy one).  After she'd gone, I found that I really was feeling quite peaceful and relaxed.  All that pent up stress from the last few days... gone.   (The problems remain - apart from the car - but the weight of the stress has literally gone from my shoulders).

I'm really glad I decided to have the treatment at home.  I shall be booking a session for DH,  and I'll be getting a voucher for a friend's upcoming birthday. And another session for me.

I deliberately hadn't looked at a reflexology diagram beforehand, I've just been looking at one now'
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