Monday, 22 February 2016


More collections of previously excavated stuff, and I was back up in the loft to continue clearing.  I managed to excavate a huge amount of stuff today. I was going to offer it free locally, but I've decided to take everything to my chosen charity.    I don't care that some of it might come in handy. I don't care that I could probably sell  some of it.  Right now, my need for space and to be a bit free-er of clutter  is greater than anything.

Many trips down the ladder, then downstairs, to pile up the haul.   Back in the loft, suddenly I have a bit of space.  Not just space to work in, where I have to play that intricate game of draughts to move in an area,, no!  Real space!

Several empty shelves!  Floor space! 

I was flagging, but I wanted to try and "finish" on a proper "finishing point".  I remembered that in my search for some china the other day, I'd realised that several boxes of our wedding present bone china was sitting in an area of the loft which I would say, on the whole, houses my DH's stuff.  I decided I'd share my retrieved space, and I moved the china on to my empty shelves, freeing up some space for him.   I did put a couple of boxes of "manly stuff" in "his" area as well.

There is still more areas for me to excavate,  plus coming back to the previously excavated areas and going through some of the boxes. We've got quite a few "memorabilia" boxes,  and several "future antiques" boxes. However, going through those is unlikely to end up in any real space saving, at best I'll chuck out some stuff and combine a couple of boxes.  

I need to continue with the big wins.  Well, "big" in the scale of loft clearing, anyway.

Little things....

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