Wednesday, 17 February 2016

I mean business

I've been up in the loft again, while DH was out as that usually leads to fewer arguments.   It was like managing one of those hand held move-one-square puzzles, but I meant business.

The first little bit was jiggling space so I could get to the back of the loft, to find that Ikea Komplement stuff I saw earlier in the week.  It was like being at a barn dance,  moving things round behind me so I could move forward a step.  Anyway, once I'd got that stacked by the loft hatch, I had a clear shelf.  From there I was able to move stuff around, open boxes, and  Make Decisions. 
I was exhausted by the time DH returned.  I was really pleased to see him, I was still in the loft, as it meant I could pass things down to him instead of having to go up and down the ladder.

I've just finished posting a whole load of items on our local Facebook group.  Almost everything is offered free... I just want to get shot of it, and it seems a shame to take it to landfill.  However, to landfill it WILL go if I can't get any takers.  A lovely Ikea chandelier,  an electric steamer,  Ikea Komplement bits,  an almost new cast iron grate set,  I'm amazed at myself.    There is also a pile of stuff to go to the recycling part of our local Tip  - another electric steamer which doesn't work,  some ancient Christmas tree lights,  various boxes. 

There is still loads to go through in the loft, but I need to have the energy and inclination to do it. 

I'd bought a set of 6 dinner plates and side plates from Ebay the other day. The seller lived only a few miles away, and they went for not a lot of money.  I bought them to top up the set that I knew was in the loft, but I just couldn't find.

I found my missing china, and I chuckled to myself.

I must have 18 dinner plates and at least 12 side plates already.   No idea why I thought I needed a top up set!

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