Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How big IS your loft?

The chap who came to collect my gorgeous Ikea chandelier asked me.

He had been before to pick up a couple of other items, and had seen my numerous local "free" and "for sale" posts.

I was up in the loft again this morning to finish off a few bits.   Today's offerings include a brand new, unused, superking sized hungarian goose down duvet,  some carpet,   electric fencing unit which we think is broken,  and a bit for the fireplace grate that I sold earlier in the week. The lady was very understanding about that,

The last two days of excavating has released a huge amount of space.  I've now been able to do some organising as well as clearing.   I'm still after the quick wins,  so the boxes of memorabilia are just piled up in one place, none of them has been sorted. 

I also left the box of photos, marked "scanned photos", up there.  I scanned these many years ago,  I hadn't  realised I'd kept them.   I'm glad I did, because scanning technology has moved on considerably, and I could rescan them now and get much better results.   I haven't opened the box and I can tell, without doing so, that if I do decide to do some rescanning, I'm going to be very selective about which photos I bother with.   That's a job for next winter, maybe.

I am coming to the end of my enthusiasm for this particular bout of decluttering.  I've got one "aisle" left to excavate, and I'll try and get that done before I give up.  It would be a sense of achievement to have had one complete pass through of all the stuff I feel able to evaluate. 

DH can have a turn next. Yep, like that's going to happen.   He's got far more pressing things to do, like prepping and laying the floor in the spare bedroom, and then fitting wardrobes.

The loft isn't going any where.

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