Saturday, 27 February 2016


I'm buttermaking this morning. 

I forgot to take the cream out o fthe fridge last night, so it's very cold - too cold really. It's taking ages to churn.  I'd also managed to put the dishwasher on containing my main colander, so I was having to improvise a bit with some of the stuff.

 The first 1.5 litres of double cream was fine, although it took a looooooong time.   The second 1.5 litres, also fine but a looong time.   I left it in a plastic sieve, over a funnel,  over a special jusg, collecting some of the buttermilk.  I was pouring the 3rd lot of cream into my Thermy jug when I heard a SPLAT.

One and a half litres of double-cream-turned-into-butter was on the floor.

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