Friday, 19 February 2016

Rats, fits and Freegle frustrations

A frew weeks ago, I discovered evidence of rats in the chicken run.  One had tunnelled into the run, leaving a lot of freshly excavated earth.  

We suspect that the rats are living in or under the compost heap,  or under one of the sheds.   We had discussed what to do and, in the end, decided to put rat poison down.  I hate rat poison, it's a horrible way for rats to die.... but we didn't have an alternative now that they are coming into the chicken run.

All was quiet, for a long  time.  And then yesterday,  unexpectdedly, more excavated earth.   More poison went down.


Izzy had another fit on Wednesday morning.  We don't expect her to be fit free, and the medication for her heart won't have kicked in yet, so we carried on as before.     She had another fit this morning,  so we're going to increase her dose slightly.  Poor girly.

I've done three washes of the floor and walls around the fit area so far.  Washy has just gone to the Vet for his Big Op,  so at least I can have the doors and windows open to air the house. 


Why do people respond to Freegle posts, and then fail to turn up? It's such bad manners.


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