Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Holding my breath

Wash had a Vet appointment today, a bandage change - the first since he had the pins removed.  He's been confined to his pen mostly, with just being allowed out a couple of times in the last 2 days.  He wasn't putting any weght on his leg on either occasion.

 I found myself holding my breath as the leg was unwrapped,  nervous that it not be well underneath.  It was OK.  Because the Vet had cleaned his foot up after the last op, tit actually looked better than it had done last  time we saw it.  Cats secrete sebum, which usually gets licked into their fur making a glossy coat.  Wash's foot had still be excreting sebum underneath his dressings, but there wasn't anywhere for the sebum to go. so his foot looked a bit ropey all the way along.

I didn't have good light t take a pic, sorry,

He's busy washing his foot now, the kitty equivalent of scratching once a plaster cast has been removed.  We've got to keep an eye on him...if he over-grooms, there will be no alternative: he will have to have a collar of shame.

Cage rest for at least another week.  Poor muffin.

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