Thursday, 25 February 2016

Back ache

Now that the old "fitted" "wardrobe" has been removed, I decided yesterday to get on with painting the guest bedroom.

The original colour was a vivid aqua, very fashionable in its time.  I wanted to keep the room an aqua colour, but I wanted to tone it down a lot.

The old colour
I wanted to use the same colour as we currently have in our main bedroom; partly because I like the colour, and also because it makes life easier to have fewer paint pots kicking around when it comes to redecorating or touching up. 

I'd already tried to get paint last week. Homebase had a "3 for 2" offer on, which included Dulux specially mixed paint (it wasn't a special mix when I originally bought it,  but colours come and go).   It was a compkete palaver, with the guy at Homebase being unable to do it. 

Anyway. The room needed neutralising before I put the new colour on. Yay.  An extra round of painting.  What fun.

Yesterday was Diamond Club day at B&Q, so we took the opportunity to buy some plywood to put on top of the floorboards (before the flooring goes down), and the white paint. 

It took forever to do all the masking yesterday.  I then got changed into an old pair of summer trousers,  one of DH's old shirts,  an old pair of glasses, and a shower cap.  I was also armed with several pairs of disposable gloves,  and a stack of "j cloth" tyoe cloths which I'd cut into small squares and soaked.  Cutting in began, with a 5litre can of Once Matt .  And then painting.   I could hardly move afterwards.  I was covered in paint.  I had a shower, did some stretches, gave up any hope of cooking dinner and ordered a takeway

I wish I'd taken a picture of the neutralised room.  I took the opportunity to repaint the coving while I was up the ladder. I couldn't face doing the ceiling, a decision which I think I may regret.

Today, I decided I really wanted to get on with it. I hadn't chosen an alternative colour,  so I found a Dulux Decorator Centre which would mix it in Trade paint for me.  Luckily for me they were offering 25% off this week (which I hadn't realised),  so I got 2 x 5 litre cans while I was at it. .  Enough to paint the small room as well, when we get around to it.  While I was out, DH did some filling and sanding.

As soon as I got back, I got changed and got on with it.   The room has now had it's first coat of the new colour.  It's lovely.  But it looks very similar to the old colour.   At least, it did when I was looking at it. It doesn't look so much like it now I'm looking at the photo.   It IS lighter.  It's just the room is North facing and is, presumably, making the colour look darker. Deeper. Stronger.

My shoulders are killing me now. 

There's a little bit of sanding to do, and the bits that were filled today still need their first coat.   Hopefully I can get on and get it all done tomorrow. Or Saturday.   I just want it out of the way. 

I hate painting.   I like it when the room has been done, and I get some self-satisfaction knwoing I've done it myself,  but I really don't enjoy the process.  

The new flooring has been ordered. The sliding doors have been ordered.   I can't wait to get all the stuff out of our bedroom (and everywhere else in the house) and get back to some semblance of normality.

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