Thursday, 11 February 2016

Unfair imprisonment

Poor Washy.

DH has been away for a few days, and I've sneakily let Wash sleep on the bed upstairs overnight.  This means he hasn't actually been confined to his pen for about a week.

This morning I had an appointment about half an hour's drive away.  In good time, I went out and shut the chooks in.  Izzy came out with me, her second time that morning.  Because the cat flap is blocked up to prevent Wash going outside, she's stuck in too.

Normally by the time I've done the Girls, Izzy has had her sniff around and is ready to come in (and use the litter tray - rolls eyes).  Not today.  I called her.  Nothing.  I pursed my lips Blooming cat must know I have to go out.

I went inside, went to the loo, put my shoes on, got my bits and pieces sorted out. Still no Izzy.  I opened the back door and called her, and waited. Nothing.

I was now running late.

In the end I had to unblock the catflap so she could get back in,  and then I had to go and find wash to lock him up.   He was curled up, fast asleep and full of contentment, on a cat bed on the landing.  He burbled when I scooped him up, he wasn't unduly worried.

When we started walking towards the Pen, he tried to escape my arms.  I had to manoeuvre and twist so that his front paws landed inside the Pen, followed by the rest of him.  He looked really shocked (well, that's what he looked like to me) and stood by the door.

I felt so mean.

I was as quick as I could be, but I was still out for a couple of hours.

When I got home Izzy was lolling by the door waiting to be let in. (Seriously?!)

Wash wooshed out of the Pen on 3 legs, straight upstairs on to the bed.  Wonder what he'll do tonight?

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