Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My biggest sewing project yet

I've committed myself to a sewing project.  Not embroidery, sewing.

I'm sure I can do it.  I managed to do the Poang chair covers,  I'm sure I can manage this. Especially as I'm cheating.

I bought some fabric from Calico Kate in Lampeter. It's lovely, chickeny fabric. I unpacked it from my overnight bag whilst in my bedroom, and I had a sudden idea about making a duvet cover from it. 

I thought about this in some detail over the weeks following my purchase, and I thought about what was good and what was bad about the idea.   The main bad idea was cost.   When I calculated the cost for enough fabric to make a superking sized duvet cover, it made my eyes water.   Plus, the fabric wasn't wide enough so I'd have to pattern match...   

And then I had a brainwave. 

I ordered 2m more of the Farmville fabric (which was on offer at Inspirations Handicrafts, and then I just needed to wait for M&S to have a sale. Which they did yesterday. 

I only bought a metre originally, as I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.  There wasn't any point in buying just another single metre as I'd have to join them, I might as well buy 2 metres.  And that meant I still  had my original metre to do something else with. Or, more realistically, to look at it and stroke occasionally. 

 It's a common problem.

Not just me.
Anyway,  in the sale I bought a white percale flat king sized flat sheet,  and a teal  Tencel Superking sized flat sheet.  When it arrives, I will have everything I need.  I WILL make this duvet cover.

I need to wash the fabric first in case it shrinks.I'd better do that today, otherwise that'll be an excuse for me not to get on with it.

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