Monday, 29 February 2016

Feeling my age

DH laid half of the sub-floor in the front bedroom today, so I could start emptying the box room.

The box room is packed. Not only does it have the stuff that usually resides there (bookcases bursting with books), but it has a load of stuff from the front bedroon is as well.

I'd made a pre-emptive strike yesterday,  taking some large items and putting them in the loft.  I hated doing it, all that space I've made, I don't want to fill it up again.  However, the items weren't going to be donated or sold, and they might as well be stuffing up theloft rather than stuffing up a room downstairs.  At least that's what I kept telling myself.

So today I started to empty the bookcases.  I've now run out of folding crates, bankers boxes,  and bags... and I've only emptied 1 and a half book cases.    I did manage to identify a pile of books to go to the animal charity's next jumble sale (and I've put them in the boot of my car to take them there),  and I've offered some sets of books for free on a local Facebook page.  If they don't go by tomorrow, they will also be in the boot of my car.

I need to pop to Costco to get some more Bankers Boxes.  I was oscillating between getting bankers boxes of getting more folding crates, and in the end decide don the BBs because they are easier to load, carry more, and are easier to pick up than filled crates.  They are also cheaper than crates, and are on offer this week.  Plus I can use them in the loft afterwards.    It was too close to rush hour to go to Costco, so I'm now doing some other bits and pieces and I'll go later this evening.  

I'm feeling my age.  I would usually have been able to get all this done and dusted  (I've done it before when we were doing something with the wiring) without the need for a break,  but I just can't do that now.   The old woman inside me is saying "oh, just leave it until tomorrow", whereas the young woman inside me is shouting "FFS, if you get a move on you can get the first coat of paint on before you go to bed!!!!".

I'm feeling my age because the old woman is winning. I'll see how I feel when I get back from Costco with the boxes.

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