Friday, 19 February 2016

So much for sitting on my hands

I couldn't wait, so I ended up cleaning.  The hall, stiars, landing, bathroom, all look really lovely.

It won't last.

I've been in the loft again and done a bit more excavating.  I retrieved the china that I'd misplaced, and was shocked by just how many plates I have in that design.  I might sell some on Ebay. But I probably won't.
I've brought down some other stuff - some lovely stainless steel frying pans, some saucepans, more Ikea stuff (some still in packaging).    It's all packed into boxes to go to a local charity.

I also brought down the matt white emulsion - not sure it's still liquid, I'll find out tomorrow,  plus my painstick, the paintstick spares,  some special clingfilm type stuff for protecting skirtings, and some brushes. 

I will be neutralising the walls over the weekend.

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