Friday, 26 February 2016

Ta Da

Got up this morning and straight into my very paint splattered clothes.    Did the "final" round of cutting in and coat of paint, and also painted over the bits DH filled.  That bit will need sanding and another coat, and I'll do that tomorrow, probably.

I had to mentally divide the room into small sections, so I could think You're 3/18ths through, 4/18ths through..... I had to grit my teeth when I got to 18/18ths and decided I would after all paint over the bits DH had filled. I'm glad I did.

I was desperate for my shower and hair wash by the time I'd finished, and I was ravenous.

When I'm in the room, it looks like the colour hasn't really changed - even though I know it's tens of shades paler/lighter than the original.   I took a photo just to reassure myself. However, the colour looks completely washed out in the photo, so no idea what's going on there!

It was very bright in there, so maybe the dazzle was affecting the camera.

I'll take another photo another day, maybe when we've put the floor down, or something.

The radiator is back on, DH is (I think) putting the sockets back on the wall as I type.   I'm keen to get the desk and bed pushed over to the window so that  I can start emptying the small bedroom.  I'd like to get that emptied and painted over the next week or so. 

It's been 18 years since either room was painted.   On that basis, I suspect this will be the last time I shift furniture and paint them myself... next time it'll be a job for a handyman.

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