Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Standby for Action!

The Builder should be coming on Thursday to remove the "built in" "wardrobe" from the spare room!

I've been on standby for many months, and had actually previously been through and decluttered the room, getting rid of stuff we didn't want or need, and organising the stuff that needed to remain.  I got rid of my lovely pine wardrobes and matching furniture (ah, the days when I had money to spend on that sort of thing). I was sorry to see them all go, but they just weren't practical for the next incarnation of the room.

We've spent a few hours this morning emptying the room - into our room, and into every other room - in an organised manner so that I can find things again.  It's very tempting towards the end of such an activity to start shoving stuff anywhere; to end up just popping this in that drawer;  but I remained disciplined. With my sewing stuff, anyway.  I did kind of end up with ten tons of spare pillows, cushions, bedding for the spare bed all precariously piled on top of piles of stuff in one room.... I looked at it,  bit my lip for a moment, and then took the only sensible course of action.

I shut the door.

To find that the door doesn't stay shut.   Poor DH has now had to change the plate thing,  and there was a lot of cussing because the head sheared of a screw somewhere.

Meanwhile, curtains are down,  door from the old "wardrobe" have been removed, pics are down.   We've still got to move the enormous mattress.  The bed  is an iron bed, and that's staying put.  The carpet needs to come up, but I'm having a bit of a break now.  The electric desk is going to stay in the room too, although I am a little worried about the electrics and the plaster dust.

I was originally going to put sliding warrobe doors all along an alcove, to conceal my sewing stuff.   The feet of the electric desk are too deep for me to sensibly do that,   so now I need to wait until the building work is done to see what the area looks like, and to then make my plans.##

In my mind, it was only going to be a couple of days... but of course the room will need repainting before we do anything.  Some of the skirting and coving will need re-doing.  And if we're going to all this trouble and the room is empty(almost empty), now is the time to decide about the flooring.   I do have money saved to replace the flooring in some of the upstairs rooms,  but my plans hadn't included the spare room. 

I guess we'll see.


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