Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Spemd, spend, spend

I've just bought a second hand steam press.  Not particularly noteworthy, perhaps,  except for the fact that I don't do any ironing. At all.    I had an expensive steam generator iron which sat, unused, in the utility room for years.  I got it out when I was transferring photos onto tablecloths for DH's birthday party,  and I dropped it.  I bought a cordless iron after that, to finish the photo job (and which I had actually forgotten about until this moment. Bugger.).    It went into a drawer after the tablecloths were finished.  And then I bought a small iron to use for my sewing.

I had toyed with the idea of a steam press once before, but common sense prevailed and I resisted.  I ithought about it again recently when I started to reorganise the gues bedroom so that it would also include my sewing area,  and I put in some Ikea Kallax units....the top of which looked perfect for a steam press, and a steam press would be great for sewing.     I decided to keep an eye out for a suitable second hand press.

Today one popped up reasonably locally, at a reasonable price.  Cheap enough for me to buy it, try it, and sell it again if it didn't work out.   I bought it and collected it this afternoon.   

It was 5 years old, used once.

Hmm. Not so sure about that.  I'm guessing it was stored without a box somewhere. Still, it's cleaned up now and I've ordered a new pad and cover (which I had planned to do anyway).  I haven't been able to try it,  the original cover was clean, but smelled heavily of Febreeze.  The foam was a bit ropey.

Hope the blummen thing works!

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