Friday, 19 February 2016


It was 13.50.

We'd cleaned and vacuumed the room where the work had been done; I'd done a swish and swipe on the landing; I'd finished cleaning the bathroom - including washing all the tiles; I'd vacuumed the stairs and cleaned the wooden bits; I'd washed the hall floor, and I was vacuuming the kitchen ready to wash that floor.

DH came downstairs and I turned the vac off.  "The Vet has just rung.  We can go and collect Wash".

We ran round doing all the stuff that has to be done before we can leave the house, including shutting the Girls away (and noticing that the bl**dy rat had been back already!).   We arrived at the Vet, anxious to see Washy.

The Op went ahead.  Part of the foot has healed well, part of is has healed but not as much as the Vet would like.   The foot is bandaged up (good job we didn't promise Wash a bandage-free foot!),  and Wash is to be on complete cage rest for a week or two.

He's back home now, in his cage, looking very sorry for himself.  He keeps trying to get out.  When pulling at the locks with his curled paw doesn't work, he puts his head down and pushes, hard.   He's used that tactic on catflaps in the past, and has always managed to smash through any cat flap lock (That's why we block the hole, we don't trust any cat flap lock).  He's doing it now as I'm sitting here typing.

Poor little man, he just doesn't understand.

It's not forever though.  The Vet said "a couple of weeks".  It'll be at least 5 days, until his next dressing change and Vet appointment.  We can see what the Vet says then.

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