Thursday, 25 February 2016

Chicken Kiev

Yesterday's dinner was meant to be Chicken Kiev.

Usually, the ony chicken we eat is the chicken we raise ourselves,  so home-made chicken dishes are something of a rarity in our house.   I'd planned to make Chicken Kiev fir dinner, and defrsted two chicken breasts in preparation.

The decision to do the painting, and the state of me after the painting had occurred, put paid to that idea, and the chicken breasts went back into the fridge. 

I decided to prepare the Kievs this morning,  before I went out to get the paint.

I had seen one of those How It's Made programmes a while ago, where it showed commercial Kievs being made.  Some horrendous number per chicken breast was achieved.   I've made Kiev several times, and every time I realise that one breast each is just too much.  

I knew that when I got the chicken breasts out of the freezer.  But they were quite small.  I defrosted two anyway.

By the time I'd bashed them, stuffed them, rolled them, ad fkour-egg-breadcrumbed them, they were HUGE. 

I left them in the fridge while I got on with my day.

They're cooking now, smell lovely!

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