Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Scratch that

The kittens have got out the front a couple of times, and generally we try and prevent that happening.  There's a road,  a lot of houses,  dogs, other cats, out there.

Today Shelby escaped through the back gate as I was wheeling the bin out.   She hid under DH's car, and eventually came out to see me.

Next Door With the Jack Russell (NDwtJR) was out in their front garden, and went to put their dog away.  I said not to,  because it wasn't fair on Mason (the JR) to have to go in because my cat had escaped.  Mrs  NDwtJR hadn't met the kittens before, so she had a stroke and we chatted.  Mason was a but yappy, but quite well behaved.  All was going well.

Mrs NDwtJR decided to lift Mason up so e could meet Shelby.  All was going well.  The two pets looked at each other and sniffed. 

And then Mason barked in excitement.  Shelby panicked and tried to run away.  I didn't want her to run into the road so I held on. She panicked even more.  I held on. She somersaulted and knocked off my glasses.

I let her go.

I've got deep (and already sore) scratches.  On my hands, on my arms,  on my neck, on my face.

Serves me right.

On the upside, at least Shelby is aware that there is something scary at the front of the house.