Monday, 23 November 2020


I'm experiencing facial flushes.  

It's not fun. 

It starts with warm cheeks, and then suddenly I can feel it spread and intensify. Its like extreme blushing...but on steroids. Just when I think it must have reached peak intensity, it ramps up a gear.

I've learned that trying to control it just ends up making it worse, so I just pause and wait for the moment to pass.

The other, chilly, evening I had to take an arm out of my jumper to try and help the heat dissipate. I couldn't take the jumper off because the rest of me would have been too cold. 


I'm reorganising our filing cabinets.

Most things are scanned, but we have some things (like instruction booklets) which were not available in PDF format at the time.   They've been in wallets for years, refreshed from time to time as a wallet splits under the weight of the contents.

I bought some solid dividers for one o fthe cabinets, so I don't have to use drop files.  It has meant that it's much easier to file things, get things in and out, and see what's there.  I've also now been switchin gfrom cardboard wallets.

Eventually I discovered what is "trim" about the Vickers Trimline cabinet. 

It's only a tiny bit smaller than the other cabinet. So little difference.  But the difference in drawer height is the difference between lever arch files fitting in, or not.   So, I've been using 4-D- ring binders instead.  It works OK, but some of the files....well, they'd be a bit more robst with a lever arch.

I thought about getting another alternative brand cabinet.... but I'd already spent all that time and energy finding the plates.  And the alternative brand cabinet plates don't work in the same way.  Plus, I'm not up to my thighs in 4-d-ring binders.   And the cabinet has some sentimental value.

I looked...and decided to see what things looked like when I'd finally finished moving things.

And now I can't get the top drawer open at all.

There is a binder which has managed to pop up slightly and means I can't open the drawer.   I cant even push in a screwdriver to push it down oe over, because it happens to be in a row of binders that are tightly packed.

I'm a lttle cross with myself. I'm more cross with the bloody cabinet,  as I did try the drawer with the binder several times before committing myself.

I've come downstairs now, and I'll go back later when  I have summoned energy and tool of some description.

And I'm looking again at other cabinets.