Saturday, 6 February 2016

Egg Dance

After all these years of keeping hens, I still find myself doing the Egg Dance when a youngster lays her first egg.

One morning earlier in the week, Fay (the loopy Fayoumi) wasn't anywhere to be seen when I let the girls out.  I quietly checked the nest boxes, and I could see her settled down in one.   I rushed back to the house to tell DH that I thought Fay might be about to lay her first egg,

Later in the day I went out to check, and there it was. A snall, white(ish) egg. Not bone china white like my hybrid leghorn Lily used to lay,  a pinky white like Lotti the purebred leghorn used to lay.  Fay, being a very small breed, laid a small egg.

Small, perfect.  I danced the Egg Dance all the way back to the house.
Fay's 1st egg below one of Fleur's brown beauties

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