Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sounds from below

I sat on the bedroom floor looking at the carpet, and tried to decide what to do.

If the carpet goes, I won't replace it with more carpet.  So the question was, do we keep it?  It's an important question, because if we keep it, we need to remove it completely to ensure it's free from rubble dust and plaster dust.

It's worn really well.  It's 18 years old, but doesn't look it.   It has a few marks - I could see a patch where one of the cats had once been sick.  I expect professional cleaning would get that out.

The downside was that, since I'd moved the bed,  there were large visible patches where it was possible to see what had once been under-bed and was, therefore, pristine,  and what had been in the main trackway.

I vacuumed it really well.  If it was going, we'd still be rolling back and using it to protect the bed (which was now on its side, by the window).    DH started to roll it back.

Underneath the carpet told a different story. It was bizarre.  The underneath of the carpet, and the underlay,  were not in very good condition at all. Something had got spilled on there (or worse!) at some point.  I don't really understand how the top could be one thing, and underneath could be so different.  Neither of us knew anything about it.

Anyway, that decided it.   It's going.  After the clearing work has been done.  We rolled it back and protected the bed, and then I left DH to roll up and remove the underlay, and to remove the edging strips - the exposed nails were asking for trouble. I popped stuff for the Tip in the car.

I checked my mail.  IWith no carpet upstairs I  heard through the floorboards: "Wa-ash". "Waaaa--ash".  "Wash" "Wash!"  "Wash NO!"   "WASH! DON'T YOU DARE!!"  "YOU LITTLE  B***ER"  "COME OUT OF THERE!!".

I guess Wash had found a way round the edge of the rolled up carper, and into the tent made by the rolled up bed.

He's a cheeky boy.

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