Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The camera lies

I've neutralised the yellow in the box room, with a coat of white paint.  The coving, which for some reason I had also painted yellow,  has just had it's second coat.  DH has done all the necessary filling, and will sand it tomorrow so I can put on the first coloured coat.

I took a photo of the mostly-empty box room, before I started any painting.   That was Monday, I think...? Yes, it must have been, because I painted it white yesterday.

I looked at the photo on Monday, before I started with the white paint, and I had to do a double take.  I really liked the shade of yellow. It was a pleasant, spring, pale, yellow.  Why on earth was I repainting the room?

I was sure that the yellow in the room was a really deep yellow, I was sure  it wasn't anything like the colour in my photo.

I went upstairs and compared the actual colour of the room to the colour that the camera showed me.

Completely different.

I really like this yellow.  The camera lies, it's nothing like the real thing! 
This is more what the colour on the walls actually looks like
I  considered buying paint to match my photo.  However,  I had already bought a 5l tin of trade paint, specially mixed,  in a completely different colour. I like the colour I'd bought, and I wouldn't even have considered another yellow if I hadn't taken the blummen photo.

Even now I can hear that little voice  "the paint you've bought will come in handy for touching up the other rooms.... buy the colour you really want".

I was about to write that I'd dismissed that idea.

But I haven't.

I don't want to end up with the worst of all worlds, where I repaint the room in the aqua, and then decide to paint it yellow.

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