Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hannibal, again

Last night we left the four injured chicks in the big brooder with their siblings.  They'd been out in the garden together all day without any problem.    We brought the "small" brooder (actually a large lawnmower box) into the kitchen and put Hannibal in there, along with a dustbath   It was more roomy and there was a bit more for himher to do.

DH suggested that we put a couple of the whiter chicks in with himher for company.  I wasn't too sure but, as the four injured chicks had reintegrated successfully, decided it was probably a good thing to do. 

The three of them were really, really noisy.  We put heated up the pad. Still they cheeped.  We covered the box with a towel (and some mesh so the cats couldn't get in and the chicks couldn't get out), and eventually they went to sleep.

This morning the weather was gorgeous, so we put all the other chicks out straightaway.  DH hung up a couple of lettuces, which were a great success.  

We put Hannibal and his two friends out as well.  Everything seemed fine.  They ran around, eating, cheeping, barging, doing normal chicky things.  I came in to write my update,  and a few minutes later DH came in with the bad news: Hannibal had started again, not just a quick peck -  but trying to eat the feathers of the black chicks, actively seeking them out to so do.

No point trying any more.


  1. Drat :( Sorry to hear that, you've certainly tried your hardest with Hannibal.

  2. oh no, thats a shame just as you thought you had got it cracked, what are you going to do with hannibal now? x helen x

  3. Thanks Jools and Helen. DH culled Hannibal yesterday morning.

  4. Oh it is so sad but you did the right thing. You do know that? I hope so...

    It is what I would have done, anyway...if that helps you at all

    It is hard. :-( but how does one re home an aggressive chick? :=(