Friday, 8 April 2011


Another gorgeous day, so I decided to scrub and poultry shield the Cube,  AND to completely empty and scrub the walk in run.  I bought a shower cap to protect my hair from the dust - I don't normally bother, but I could see that it was going to be one of those days.

Of course the Girls wanted to use the Cube to lay, so it was all a bit piecemeal.  I removed the roosting bars and poo trays, jet washed scrubbed, poultry shielded those, stood them on the patio to dry.  Washed and disinfected all but one of the feeders and all but one of the drinkers, put them on the patio to dry.

Started to empty the Run while someone was laying.   A couple of Girls came in to see what I was up to, so I took the little bench - out, scrubbed, jet washed, poultry shielded.  Then a bit more flooring, until Custard and Roobarb came in to see what I was doing.  I switched to taking out the log thing.   Eventually the Girls were otherwise occupied, so I started to jet wash the perches.     Very satistying, but very, very messy.

I took off some of the roofing panels that we use on the sides to give winter protection.  I wanted to let the air through, and they were - ahem - a bit covered in poop courtesy of the jet wash.   I jet washed them, and left them standing against the fruit cage to dry.

Once I'd finished jet washing in the Run, I started to empty out the used flooring. This took forever.    Lily came in for something to eat, so I turned my attention to the dustbath.  Empty, rinse, jet wash, poultry shield, find somewhere for it to dry. Eventually, I had emptied out the flooring, ready to put the Stalosan (a dry poultry-safe disinfectant) down.

I took the winter covers off the Cube run. Florence, who was occupying the nestbox at the time, was a bit disconcerted at the sudden flood of light and let me know she wasn't too impressed. 

Eventually everyone seemed to have laid, so I got on with the rest of the Cube.  Same routine - rinse, scrub, jet wash, poultry shield.   Left the bits lying around in the sun to dry, and the Cube open to air and dry.

Then I gave the rubber chips (what is left of them) in the Cube run a jet wash.

I'm cream-crackered now! I never normally try and do both Run and Cube at the same time,  but with Daisy dying, I decided I'd better strip and disinfect everything at once. 

I came in to shelter from the sun, and to have a drink.   I popped out to take photos, and then while I was waiting for them to upload I popped ot again and Satalosaned the Run.   I got the Diatom out of the shed, but can't apply that until everything is bone dry.

Everything is still out in the sun, drying, and I still need to put everything back together. The Girls are a bit bemused that everything has disappeared from everywhere,  and that that new entrances have suddenly appeared (I've opened the side and back of the Cube run so that I could get the jet wash in)..

As they inspect my handiwork there is a lot of mournful clucking.

I'm trying to work up the enthusiasm to go and start putting everything back. Even the Girls have had enough of the sun. They are all snuggling in the shade of e Pampas.

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