Sunday, 1 May 2011

New day

Feeling better this morning. 

We rearranged the chicks netted area so that some of the grass could rest. To compensate, we gave them a flowerbed.  We thought they'd use it as a dustbath, but they are excitedly rooking through it, doing that chickeny salsa to turn over the earth.

I popped out to take a picture to find that they have all realised that it's good to dustbathe in...

We also have another character to keep our eye on.  "Number 25", aka Houdini,  has been escaping frequently from the run since yesterday.  We haven't been able to work out where he's getting out.  

Adter returning him to the run 4 or 5 times in quick succession, I sat outside and read a book whilst watching them yesterday.  for the hour or so I was outside, he didn't even attempt to escape.  I came in to get a drink and - you've guessed it - he was out again when I returned!

He's been out twice this morning, despite the rearranging of the netting.

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