Thursday, 14 April 2011

PetPorte, part 3

I think I should say at this point that we really DO think the PetPorte is a great piece of kit, and we wish we'd bought one ages ago.

At about 10 this morning, I went into the garden to let the girls out to free range.  We've been keeping them in until 10 - in their spacious walk in run, I hasten to add - so that they stuff their faces with chicken pellets (dinner) before they get to snack on whatever takes their fancy.         From nowhere, Wash appeared.  He'd heard me unlocking the door, and wanted to come in.

I shut the door behind me so he couldn't get in, and went to sort out the Girls.  When I came back, he was lolling around on the path in front of the kitchen door.   So, I scooped him up and carried him around to the cat flap,  almost losing him in a minor struggle where I was trying to unlock the gate.

I put him in front of the cat flap and stroked him.  He sniffed the door, *click*, he backed off. I stroked him. He nuzzled the portch.  He nuzzled the plants.  He rolled on the path. I picked him up, and stood him in front of the door, stroking him. *click* He carried on sniffing the door. It *clicked* locked. It *clicked* unlocked*. Sniff sniff.  Rub porch.  *click*  sniff  *click*.  This went on for hours, well, about four minutes, with me stroking him all the time.  Eventually he decided to try going through.

Hurrah!  I hadn't pushed him (well, not physically),  I hadn't held the door open for him....   

Let's see what happens later.

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