Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Chic pics - day 9

The chicks are still eating and sleeping a lot, but have started to show a bit more interest in their surroundings.   The weather is warmer,  so yesterday and today I turned off the heat lamp during the day, so they have the Electric Hen  (EH)for warmth.   We're waiting for the nights to be warmer so we can stop using the lamp altogether, and just rely on the EH.

Their wingtips are continuing to develop...
 ..and some of them have almost fully formed (but tiny) wings:

Edited to add:

We cleaned them out again today.  We also did bottom inspections, only a few needed attention. However, we also did feet inspection (which we didn't do on Saturday and I now wish we had), and that took a while.  Fortunately the weather outside is glorious, so we could sit on the grass and do them one by one. The Chicks got to do a bit of sunbathing, which was great,  and a couple of them had a go at dustbathing.  


  1. oh how sweet they all are, what breeds are they?

  2. Hello BP
    A bit of a mixture!

    The black ones are a cross from a Sasso cockerel (which of course is a cross anyway) and a Welsh Black female (Australorp x Indian Game).

    The light ones are one of the following:
    - pure Light Sussex
    - Light Sussex cockerel x Rhode Island female
    - Sasso Cockerel x Sasso Female
    - Sasso Cockerel x Welsh Black (they develop into ginger versions of the black chicks when they get much older). We'll be able to identify them when they feather up, which is just as well as those with Light Sussex in aren't ours :-)
    Thanks for asking