Saturday, 16 April 2011

Rock bottom

One of the chicks had a really large lump of accumulated poo, so DH brought himher into the kitchen so I could sort it out.  Isabelle jumped on to one of the kitchen stools, and was very interested in what DH had in his hand.  She pawed at DH in that appealing way she has.   

We took little chick back out. It was very warm out, so we decided we might as well clean the brooder and go through all the chicks while we were at it.  We scooped all 34 into a very large trug, and stood it in the sunshine (probably the last time we'll be able to get them all in one trug).

DH then cleaned out the brooder, while I did bottom-inspections.   I cleaned those that obviously needed cleaning and then, when the brooder was ready for re-habitation, we inspected each chick before putting them back. This meant we could deal with any tiny bits of poo, before it became a problem.

So many little bundles of fluff, and they are so cuddle-able.  The little black ones remind me of baby penguins. Not that I've actually ever seen a baby penguin,  but it's how I imagine baby penguins.

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  1. Please post some more photos. I love seeing all the baby chicks since we skipped over that stage with our own girls.