Tuesday, 12 April 2011

DH meets the VC

DH has met the Visiting Cat (VC)

Alexis's comment yesterday made me wonder if it could be a fox rather than a cat,  but today - when he was in the garden getting the brooder ready - DH actually met VC.

He heard that caterwauling noise that cats make - not when they are fighting, but when they are warning other cats off.  Isabel was on the compost bin with her back to DH and was wailing loudly.  DH moved nearer.    Washburn was on the ground, looking the same way as Izzy and was also wailing loudly.

They were both looking at VC.   VC was looking back.  DH called out, everyone ignored him.    DH moved closer, VC looked at him briefly and then sauntered off into a nearby garden.

I expect he'll be back.

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