Thursday, 28 April 2011

Chicken pictures

Here are the chicks in their newly-extended Go, with externally netted foraging area:
Two of the three panels on this side have doors; the middle panel on the other side has a door; and the end has a door.

Here are pics of two of the injured chicks - this one has purple spray all over his back...:
 ..and this is the one who has been most severely injured:

And, completely non chick related,  I had to bath Custard today.  She has a really odd shaped bottom - it sticks out below her vent so poo tends to get stuck on it.  This is her, after her bath:


  1. Wow, you have such a nice set up. I was never really convinced by the concept of the 'Go' but it is growing on me very quickly.

    Take care,

    Martin :)

  2. Thanks Martin. I really like the Go for chicks, it's much better inside (for chicks) than the Classic.
    We have a Cube for the Big Girls, and that is best of all.

  3. THanks BP, they really are gorgeous!