Sunday, 10 April 2011

More eggs pipped

I take it back.

We now have 8 eggs pipped, including some of ours.  All in the same incubator. NOthing in the other incubator yet.


  1. Explain "Pipped" for a newbie chicken raiser as I've not incubated. It sounds like perhaps this means they are close to hatching?

  2. HI Alexis
    When a chick starts hatching, a little hole or crack appears in the shell where the wee thing starts to cut its way free. This is called "pipping". It takes many hours for a chick to ctually emerge from its shell, and they are exhausted when they do Not all chicks make it. Thanks for asking!

  3. Pictures please Hazel! I love them all yellow and fluffy!

    C x