Thursday, 21 April 2011

Monitoring the babies

When we first raised chicks at home, I bought a baby monitor.  I thought this would help us hear if the chicks were unhappy (they tend to cheep quite loudly if they are at all distressed).

I was moving some stuff around the other day and I came across the baby monitor.  I wondered why we hadn't used it since the first time.   I plugged the transmitter in near the chicks, and then I couldn't find the power supply for the receiving end; it's taken us a few days to locate a suitable 7v supply.  At last, today, we found one, and plugged it in to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, I remembered why we had stopped using it.   It's fine when everything around is quiet - apart from the odd few transmission noises.  But it's not so great when an aeroplane goes overhead.  Not only do we have the aeroplane going overhead anyway, but we now get it in inside the kitchen as well as outside.

We have more than an occasional plane going overhead - I can see that I'll only be using this for limited periods.


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