Monday, 25 April 2011

Gnom Gnom Gnom!

Had slow roasted belly pork for dinner yesterday (from the half pig we butchered a while ago). It was fantastic.  Used Jamie Oliver's recipe

Today we had the leftovers.  I fancied trying Chinese-style pancakes, with hoisin sauce, spring onions, and cucumber.  We've used flatbread recipe before, but I really fancied trying to make those extremely thin pancakes one gets in Chinese restaurants.   I eventually found a recipe on Videojug. I was a bit dubious whether it would work (especialy the separating bit) but I decided to give it a go. They were fantastic!  We've got pancakes leftover for the freezer, which we can reheat in a steamer another time.  The recipe is here  Definitely one for my cookbook!

DH cut up the remaining pork belly, and reheated it in a wok-style pan.  At the end he added some soy sauce.

Yum!  We ate so much, it was really hard to stop because everything(pork, pancakes, hoisin sauce) was so delicious.

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