Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Number 34

The 34th (and probably final) chick has hatched.  We had to help him a bit, but he finally emerged from his shell a few minutes ago.

So, of our 40 eggs:
  • 34 chicks have hatched, of which 14 are either Light Sussex, or Sussex x Rhode Island (the eggs from our friends)
  • 3 were clears (were not fertile), and were removed when we did the second candling
  • 2 are still in the incubator and have not pipped at all. We assume these are duds, but we'll check later
  • 1 chick died in shell after pipping 
As soon as number 34 has dried off, we'll move him and his two other most recently hatched chicks into the indoor brooder with the rest of the hatchlings from that incubator.      And then tomorrow, we'll move them to the brooder in the shed, so that all 34 are together.

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