Friday, 8 April 2011


It was surprisingly slow progress putting things back.    I put the log in the Cube run.,instead of the main run. This is what it looked like  it before I put the cube back together...
Now that the log has moved to the Cube run, I've put the "child's bench" n a new place, at the back of the run on the left.   I put in an old wooden garden chair in the middle (to the right) of the run. This givesfour more perches (two arms, the seat and the back of the chair), and provides a convenient stepping stone for the either of the two fixed perches on that side of the run.

Next, I put in the clean drinkers and feeders.  This is how the clean driner started out - by tomorrow, it'll have bits of grit at the bottom and the water will be dirty.

After that, I put the Cube back together, filled up the nest box with fresh Aubiose and lined the poo trays with more Aubiose.  Then I put the Spring shades on, which cover the top and one side of the Cube Run.
This makes inside the Cube run really airy, but cool and shady....
These pics are looking into the run, from its back door (I have a door in each end)



  1. This is great! We are saving for a Cube and building a walk in run for it. This is great design inspiration.

  2. The Cube is great Alexis, I'm sure you won't regret upgrading. Overall footprint isn't that much more than an Eglu Classic, but it's a better use of space and is kinder to the grass (because it doesn't rest on the grass and because the chooks can get underneath it). It's also a much better working height for cleaning etc. If you're looking for inspiration, you might want to visit the Omlet forum as thre are a couple of threads there full of chicken run inspiration. Looking forward to hearing how you get on! Hx