Monday, 11 April 2011

19 so far (+1 didn't make it)

Of the 20 in the newest incubator,  19 have hatched so far and we had one dead-in-shell.   We've moved 16 of the earliest hatchlings into the brooder, leaving the 3 most recent hatches in the incubator. 

We aren't convinced that the humidity/temperature settings on the older incubator are accurate.  The eggs were allocated at random to the two incubators, and it cannot be coincidence that all on the right hand side have now hatched (apart from the one poor chick who didn't make it).  A number of these eggs have pipped, and one is near to hatching but is a bit dry.  We sponged  the membrane gently in a cloth dampened warm water (with hatchery sanitiser in).

We moved the eggs from the older incubator to the newer incubator,  and DH will get a some equipment to test the older incubator.

Let's see what happens over the next few hours... fingers crossed!

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  1. Wow that's quite a result! I'm impatiently waiting for my feathered incubators to start sitting ....