Thursday, 28 April 2011

The saga continues

Weather earlier today was quite chilly, sothe injured chicks (ICs) were in the shed, in a small brooder with their own Electric Hen, recuperating.  Hannibal was in solitary confinement in a brooder in the kitchen,  and everyone else was out in the newly extended Go.

DH came home,  had some work to do, and then he marked out a netted area.  The new door panels arrived, so the end of the Go run and one other panel were replaced, giving us (hopefully) easier access.   The chicks were then shut out of the Go run (so they were still in their extended netted area), so that we could give the ICs some time outside in the safety of the Go run.    The ICs took matters into their own claws though,  and soon everyone was together.   DH watched them carefully, for quite some time,  and decided that they were all getting on OK so we'd leave them all together for now.

More later.


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