Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fun in the sun

Yesterday was really hot, so we decided to put the chicks outside for a while.
We put together the Go, and sited it so the run was partly on our patio and partly on the grass (as they've only been eating chick crumb up to now), then we introduced the chicks:
It only took them a couple of minutes before they were happily running around, exploring...
...eating grass etc
  The feathers on their wings and shoulders, and the tails in some cases, are also continuing to develop..
 They were out for a few hours in the end. We cleaned their indoor run out completely, and settled them back in.

No light last night. They were all quite sparko from their outside adventure.

We put them out again at 11am this morning (Saturday),  doing feet-and-bottom inspections as we went along.    they've definitely grown - no way we can fit 34 in the tub trug anymore.

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