Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Igoring the nest box

Well, the Girls have continued to ignore the nestbox.  This may be because there hasn't been a queue to use the Cube's nestbox;  or it may be they haven't realised the new Thing is a nest box; or maybe they don't want to use it.

The nest box is underneath the Cube, at the back.

I could "force" them to use it by blocking up the proper nestbox, but I don't really want this to become their favourite place.  So, instead, I turned it round 90 degrees - marginally more awkward for me to get to the roll-away egg bit,  but offers even more privacy and shade than the way it was situated before.

I've just realised - looking at the photo - that it's listing somewhat.  I'll need to go and sort that out later.

It's a neat design - it can be used with or without the "nest" insert,  with or without the rollaway egg box;  the step folds up to close the nest box up if you want to prevent entry.   And, less relevant in my set up, you can build a bank of them.

Here's a pic from the chickbox website.  This shows it in brown, which is the colour I have; it's also available in yellow.


  1. Do you not want them to lay in the cube or is this for an eggstra place to lay?

  2. Hi Alexis
    I'm happy for them to lay in the Cube - in fact, I'd prefer it. I'm providing extra nestbox space because one or two of the girls are nest-box hogs, and don't like to share. This causes a few squabbles - in the form of a lot of LOUD bokking, so I'd like them to have an additional, separate, place to lay if they need it.