Friday, 15 April 2011

Chicks - end of day 5

The chicks are spending a bit less time sleeping, and a bit more time eating and interacting with each other.   The Electric Hen has been used as a platform for more of them now,  we can tell by the mess.    We've raised it up a little, as the chicks are growing.

Already many of them have wingtips appearing....

...but overall they still look like the cute and fluffy chicks so associated with Easter.   

The weather is meant to get a bit warmer, and I can see from watching them on the camera that most of them are chooing to sleep just outside the EH during the day. We'll raise it up a bit more tomorrow, certainly during the day,  and as soon as it is a reasonable height we'll look at putting in a shallow tray with some compost and sand in, so they can try scratching and dustbathing. 

When they are asleep in a heap, they remind me of Tribbles!

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