Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Cats like to help

I was on bottom brushing duty today.   Custard and Tilda are a bit of a strange shape, which means that they often end up with dried poo on their knickers.   Lily, who has stopped laying eggs but I think has been responsible for a couple of shelless eggs lately, was also a bit crusty.   So, I caught them one by one and, with gloves on (i hasten to add), I attempted to get the crusty bits off.  I have a toothbrush which helps.

Each captive chook got to eat corn to her hearts content while I worked.   Tilda, who is getting bullied at the moment,  was allowed to sit under the seat and catch falling corn while I did everyone else.

The Cats were not impressed.   Wash came sauntering across the garden and spied Something Under The Chair.  He assumed his panther-like hunting pose,  slinking up on the prey.  He got to the chair, wiggled his bottom ready to pounce, and then realised he was facing a chicken.  He switched to nonchalant mode, and walked off.

Izzy came out to see what I was doing, and seemed appalled that I had a chicken - on my lap!! She wandered off down the garden.

Wash had obviously decided to hide from all those chickens....

...and Izzy decided to help DH with some potting up....


  1. Do the cat ever chase the chickens? I know my dogs, if given the opportunity do.

  2. I just love the sudden switch cat's do from 'Brave hunter' to 'I'm just having a stroll' when faced with a prey they don't want to tackle.

  3. HI Alexis
    When we very first had chickens (3 at the time), Wash did jump in the run with them... they stared at him, and he ran away. I would say that in a fight between a chicken and a cat, the chicken would win. Dogs are a different story!