Thursday, 25 March 2010

Well, helloooooo

Roo *so* reminds me of Leslie Phillips.

Earlier, we had the three Allotment girls in a box, and ths box was placed (temporarily) in Roo's pen while we were messing about with Pogo and Siouxsie.

The box has very big air holes - more like small windows - so the Girls were able to peep out. Norman had her head right out at one point.

LeslieRoo realised that the box contained Girls, and he sidled up to it in his best Rooster Gentlemanly manner, and began making those courtship movements that cockerels do when they meet a new Girl.

I could almost hear him saying "Well, hellooooooooo".

We moved the box as soon as we realised, as it isn't fair on him or the girls to tease.     He wasn't too bothered, as by then he had spotted two apparently *brand new* girls in the pen next door.     DingDong!

Maybe he's more Terry-Thomas than Leslie Phillips?

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