Sunday, 7 March 2010

MIchael Caines' Roask Duck (with link to recipe added)

No, not the cheeky chappy, this is Michael Caines the chef.    We went to see a recording of Market Kitchen a couple of  weeks ago, and saw and sampled his roast duck.  It was incredibly easy, and incredibly delicious.  I don't normally eat duck (apart from Crispy Duck in a pancake),  but this was superb.

I popped a duck into my Ocado trolley this week, as Waitrose do free range duck,  and we made it tonight, using the programme recording notes.    Superb! 

The recipe should be on the Good Food Channel website from next Thursday. If you fancy duck but are a bit unsure how to make sure it tastes delicious,   try it.  It really is a simple recipe.

Edited 12 March to add: it was on Market Kitchen last night, and here's a link to the recipe

(The title says "duckling", but it wasn't a duckling - it was definitely a duck.


  1. I have never cooked a duck. I'll have to try that.

  2. Hi Callie, this is the first time I've cooked a duck as well. I tried some at the TV recording and was impressed, and it tasted just as wonderful when we made it ourselves...and it was soooooo easy. I'll post a link when the programme has aired and the recipe is up on the show website.