Thursday, 25 March 2010


Norman ("Norman NoMates") was the single chick offspring of one of our original two "DorkingX" girls.  She abandoned him shortly after he hatched, and we brought him home and saved him.  We then had to put him in Mrs Flint's (the other DorkingX) chicks, who we'd hatched in the Incubator and who were 2 weeks older than him.

Norman stood out for the whole of his time here. He was 2 weeks younger than everyone else, and was always bright yellow.  However, he didn't realise that he was younger than his siblings, so he grew up to be a feisty little thing.

And he turned out to be a girl.

She's one of the three girls we've brought home (so Pogo and Siouxsie can get used to the Allotment coop in peace). I've taken the opportunity to get some quick pics of Norman, because she's still very different to her sisters.

Here is Norman as a Chick:

(Norman is the Blonde on the left)

And here's Norman now, both on her own and with one of her half-sisters:

(Norman is the blonde at the front!)

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