Thursday, 4 March 2010

Fruit Cage

Our fruit cage has been very congested for a couple of years now.  Today we bought a Jostaberry to put in (a bit late, I know), and it spurred me on to clear it out.

WIth great sadness, until it poked me in the face, I completely removed one of the very-sweet gooseberry bushes, The variety name escapes me, temporarily. It was recommended years ago by Bob FLowerdew and was described by him as being better than grapes. Which it is, when it isn't covered in mildew.  I had four of these in total,  two of which were side by side and one of them had to go.   I also brutally re-pruned the third one, in the middle of the cage,  and left the fourth one alone.

Then I cut down all the raspberry canes which were outside their wire.  And finally, I thinned out the canes.  I left the blackcurrants alone.

I've warned the remaining raspberries that their days are numbered, as the Tayberry at one end of the fruitcage fruits prolifically and tastes wonderful.  She would stretch all along the raspberry wires, given a chance,  and I've warned the raspberries that I am getting inclined to let her do just that. 

The gooseberries have this year, if they get mildewed again then they are coming out completely. Especially as the Jostaberry should provide gooseberry flavoured fruits from next year.

We'll see.

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