Thursday, 25 March 2010

Chicken Swap

So, today was the day we decided to take the first step in reintegrating Pogo and Siouxsie back into the Allotment flock.

About 10am today we popped them into a box and went to the Allotment.  We left them in the box while we did a skip out of the DorkingXs' coop, and while we waited for one of the Allotment Dorkings to lay an egg.  We fed the geese and did other general stuff while we waited.

As soon as the Coop was free, we put Pogo and Siouxsie in there and shut them in.   DH then managed to catch the three Allotment girls, and put them in the box.

We then opened the coop, and watched as Siouxsie attempted the ladder (she hopped down two steps then flew off it),  followed by Pogo who sort of slithered down.  At the bottom, they started digging and scratching immediately, so they seemed OK.

We finished up with a quick cuddle of Roo and his ladies,   distributing a Lettuce and some Swede to each run,  and then came home.

Eglu was moved slightly (so the Run wasn't on the same ground as that used by Siouxsie and Pogo), and we popped the 3 Allotment girls inside.   When DH finished arranging the fencing, and I had refilled the feeder and grit box, we let them out.    They're very happy to see so much grass.

We'll pop back to check on Pogo in a couple of hours, and we'll go back yet again to make sure that she got into the coop OK.

And in a few days (or a week), we'll take this lot back and see how they all get on together.
Can't be much longer than that, as we're going to need the Eglu for the Sussex chicks soon!

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