Saturday, 6 March 2010

Pastures new

Time to move the Garden Girls on to fresh grass.  We're a bit restricted because Pogo and her sister are occupying  part of the garden, and they need moving too. This means that a large part of our grass isn't getting rested, so we're restricyed on how we can move things around.

The garden girls now have a section towards the back of the garden, which includes some very small beds near one of the sheds.  They've made the most of this unusual access.

Pogo and her sister have been moved around the other side of the pampas grass, and have made the most of having a lovely dappled shaded bed to roll around in.  Unfortunately, the rolling created a little crater underneath the netting, and we ended up with one either side of the netting.

Isabelle, one of my cats, could hardly contain her excitement.  She climbed up on one of the fruit cage posts - no mean feat, as she's a big cat - to supervise,  and then she sat in the Pampas, the other side of the netting from Pogo.  When that got too much for her, she decided to go and check out the Cube and its run, which she has never done (Wash does it frequently).

Lily, meanwhile, has tuened into a Harrier-Jump-Chicken, and has been doing vertical take-offs over the netting.   After the second time I suggested we clipped her wing; DH declined.    After the fourth time, he agreed.

We also trimmed Daisy's beak again today, just a tiny amount.  We're still hoping that if we keep this up, we'll manage to get behind the weak point and prevent it continually splitting.

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  1. Our chickens would love to have some grass instead of leaves. Neat photos!