Monday, 15 March 2010

2 Duds, 2 unsure

All 8 chicks are now in the lunar-module brooder.  They'll stay in there for a couple of days, and then we'll move them to a bigger brooder pen.

We candled the remaining 4 eggs.  1 looks like it wasn't fertile;  1 looks like it had been fertile but is less than half full, so we assume  the embryo died fairly early on.  We've taken those two out.

The remaining 2 eggs are fertile andwith large embryos, but possibly not as big as they perhaps should be at this stage. However, it is possible that they might just be a bit behind the others so we'll leave them in the incubator for another day or so and see what happens.  It would be good to have more, but we're actually  pleased at 8 out of 12.

The little chicks are all fluffed up now and look like the toy chicks you get at Easter.

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