Thursday, 18 March 2010

Jasmine RIP

Jasmine, our Welsummer, is very ill. I don't think she'll last the night.

She was fine yesterday, eating and ranging vigorously as normal.  Today, she was just standing still.  I picked her up, and knew she wasn't right as she didn't really try and run away.  Brought her it's likely to be a digestion problem - most probably she's eaten or ingested something.
Have appointment at Vets tomorrow morning.  In the meantime I tried syringing water laced with Avipro (a probiotic) into her, she didn't want it;  and I tried offering her a little mash made with chick crumb.    I put herb ack outside, and she settled herself by a flowerpot and sat quietly all afternoon. 

Just before it was time to put everyone away I tried again unsuccessfully,  with the syringe; and then I carried her and placed her in the nestbox.

Went to see her a few minutes later, after shutting everyone else in their respective Runs,   and she was very floppy with her head back.    Discussed with DH whether we should dispatch her, but she doesn't seem to be suffering, she just seems to be drifting off.  We decided to leave her where she is, rather than hoiking her out and putting her in a box, although we'll check again during the course of the evening.  If she's still with us before bedtime, we'll consider bringing her in and putting her in a box.   I know I'm anthromorphosising chickens, but I think its better for her to be in familiar surroundings, with her friends about her.

Poor daft bird.  

17.40 Update: She's gone.
At least her last day was spent in the sunshine. RIP Jasmine.


  1. Did you check to see if she has an egg stuck inside. That's what I always worry about. It hasn't happened to my chickens yet, but probably will. You can search on line to see how to treat. I think warm water soaks and ? Hope she recovers!

  2. HI Callie. Good suggestion, thank you for that. We had checked, and she wasn't egg bound.

  3. What a shame, I am sorry.

    Along with her last day being spent in sunshine, she also had all those days being spoilt by you with treats and runs around the garden... which maybe helps your pain, at least a little.

  4. Thanks W00fz. And thank you for your earlier comments too -what a coincidence about Camborne!