Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Days 2 and 3

Day 2, and the chicks spend a lot of time moving around inside their lunar-module brooder,  eating, drinking, sleeping, pooing.... They still fall asleep in a instant, wherever they happen to be.  Yesterday, four of them fell asleep standing in their food tray.

Their new mum and dad came to see them and to have a little cuddle.  We are making sure we handle them all, as we want them to be very tame. 

Here's a pic from Day 2 evening:

This morning, they need cleaning out.  The Module is designed so that the poo falls through the grid onto the Aubiose-covered floor below.  Cleaning that bit out is very straightforward.       

What is a bit more tricky is that a lot of poo sticks to the grid itself,  and food gets trodden in.   For this reason, they'll need cleaning out once a day while they are in there.

At the moment, all they are really doing is sleeping and eating.  Soon, they'll need a bit more stimulation though,  and for that reason we're getting the bigger brooder pen ready.  This  will give them more space and, as they grow and theur feet deveop, we can put things in to add interest. 

We're going to try using an "Electric Hen" this time, instead of the heat lamp.  (Although we'll have the lamp inm position, just in case).  That should arrive in the next day or two, and then we'll be ready.

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